About Us

Who We Are

ME Medical develops, manufactures and markets truly innovative surgical Operating Room and patient care solutions for healthcare professionals.

We are committed to developing truly innovative products which are in line with market needs, working hand in hand with inventors, distributors and partners as well as

  • to stand out in international medical markets through a wide range of specialty surgical products for Operating Rooms.
  • to be quick and to adapt business strategies to changing healthcare markets and evolving professional needs.
  • to use our worldwide experience and know-how in launching and marketing innovative medical products.
  • to create an impact by joining forces with inventors and research teams around the globe.

What We Do

We discover, develop and successfully market innovative surgical products for healthcare professional and patient markets. Our products are designed to facilitate professional use and to enhance patients’ quality of life.

We ensure a steady flow of innovations, expanding our product portfolio by constantly developing new products.

The ME Medical product categories cover specialty surgical products for the Operating Room.

Our Philosophy

At the core of our success is the ability to translate product ideas within a short time into products by working closely with inventors, product development and manufacturing teams, and to market innovative products in the professional medical device market.

We believe in the straightforward, accessible way we talk, the clean and streamlined look of our products as well at the unpretentious, unique feeling of everything we do.

ME Medical never settles for the obvious, is always looking for new and unexpected ways of presenting products and ideas for the ultimate satisfaction of professionals in the Operating Room, as well as patients and partners.